Year End Sales Promotion

Year End Sales Promotion

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HOCK CHUAN HWA TRADING is a company that supplies a wide range of quality Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) product. Our head office is situated in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia. We provide the best quality of life through accessible healthcare, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom. Feel free to browse through our website for more details.
HOCK CHUAN HWA TRADING 是一家提供各种优质中医药产品的公司。我们的总部位于马来西亚吉打州的双溪大年。本公司以传统中医智慧为基础,通过无障碍医疗提供最佳的生活质量。欢迎浏览我们的网站,了解更多详情。

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Acupuncture makes use of very fine disposable stainless steel needles to guide the flow of a patient’s Qi along the body’s meridians. These are inserted into the appropriate acupoints in the body to regulate the flow of Qi.

针灸是针法和灸法的合体。根据中医学理论,通过刺激穴位可以改善经络中的气的流向。 现代科学从组织学和生理学上尚未发现气、经络或者穴位的存在,且部分当代针灸使用者并非依据传统理论体系进行实践。

If there’s something specific you are looking for, we'll find you the best solution.

如果您正在寻找特定药材, 我们会为您找到最佳解决方案。